Sunday, January 11, 2009

8 Things Tag

I was tagged twice on this one by Robinson Rugrats and Aubrey before Christmas. Can you guess which one the picture goes with? Here we go:


  1. Post rules on your blog.
  2. Answer the 6 "8" items.
  3. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.

8 Favorite Shows

  1. the Office
  2. Criminal Minds
  3. Jon and Kate + 8
  4. the Amazing Race
  5. anything on the History Channel
  6. That's it, if none of these things have something new, I usually turn it off.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Ran to the store because I was totally out of diapers
  2. Made the kids help me clean the main floor of the house
  3. Danced to Crazy Frog with the kids
  4. Put up a new "You choose the caption" on my blog sidebar
  5. Ate lunch at McDonalds by myself & made lasagna for dinner (which didn't get eaten and will be used tonight)
  6. Folded 2 weeks of laundry and 3 weeks of socks
  7. Watched "Becoming Jane" on Netflix
  8. Spent 6 hours alone when Peter took all 6 kids to the Air Museum and dinner at Taco Bell with his friend (hence #5-7 on my list)

8 Things I Look Forward To

  1. All my kids being potty trained
  2. All my kids in school so I can finish off MY degree
  3. July, when Peter becomes fully staffed and cuts back on hours
  4. Our house in NC to sell so we can stop renting
  5. A really good book to read
  6. Bedtime
  7. A clean house
  8. Vacations with Peter and the kids
8 Favorite Restaurants
  1. Olios
  2. Ruths Chris
  3. Chilis
  4. Ruby Tuesdays
  5. McDonalds
  6. Wendys
  7. Panera Bread
  8. Dominos

(wow, I am really not a restaurant connoisseur- I don't experiment a lot)

8 Things on my Wish List

  1. Bosch mixer- my kitchen aid broke 2 months ago and I want to start making my own bread
  2. Year supply of food- I'm working on it!
  3. Up to Date Scrapbook- I'm not currently working on it!
  4. Be debt free- Working on it (although we are currently squirreling away for a down payment on a house)
  5. Happy, strong, faithful children
  6. Weekly temple trips
  7. 15 less pounds
  8. Live closer to family
8 People to Tag
  1. Brenda
  2. Kim
  3. Gordon
  4. Twinlinebackers
  5. Tausha
  6. Tami (private)
  7. Andrea (private)
  8. Mom (private)


  1. We need to work on working on your scrapbook, I can't wait for you to live closer to family also (so long as it is Barlow or me!) I will have to do this tag, pretty fun. Glad you got time off from your did you get Peter and friend to take the kids?

  2. You didn't want help losing those 15 pounds. Join the race and you'll have them off in no time. How exciting that you got a few hours on your own.
    I'll try to do this tag. I always forget when I've been tagged.

  3. Ok, I did the tag. Glad to see you get some sanity time

  4. wow- you went from Olios to Dominoes! ha ha... I've been wanting to try that place- Olios that is!!

    And we LOVE the office as well- sooo funny! Stever Carrell cracks me up!

  5. Brenda- I'll send you my pictures

    Tami- I'm up for it. I didn't say I wouldn't.

    Gordon- I didn't know you could move that fast!

    Vi- I know. Peter had to go to all these fancy dinners when he was recruiting. The problem is I don't like seafood so I didn't super enjoy them all (but I liked Olios and the Hexagon was OK just really slow service)

  6. I love the Amazing Race! Very impressive for Peter to venture out with all the kids and great that you had time alone.

  7. Fun tag, I'm excited to do it! I was going to listen to Crazy Frog to see what the heck it is, but I clicked on the link, saw the "crazy frog" of which you spoke and decided against it.

  8. Seriously? As behind as I am on posts?

  9. Andy and I like to watch Jon & Kate plus 8. It helps us feel good about having 4 kids and that our lives aren't as crazy as we thought. :)

  10. THANK YOU for not tagging me on this. I don't need a single other thing for my to-do list.

    I support your bread goal. We have a Bosch, which we only use for other batters because we love our bread maker so much. It takes seven minutes to dump everything in, and three hours later you have hot bread. Kent has created some great whole wheat/whole grain recipes for the bread maker, so we'd be happy to pass them on if you go that route.

  11. Kim- Having to do it all the time, I was equally impressed with him taking the kids. Especially since it was in the middle of a snow storm (that caused us to miss church the next day)

    Andrea- I just saw the video of your baby dancing, Crazy Frog would be just the thing for her

    Twinlinebackers- if you would stop playing around with your friends during the day, you could get caught up. But who would I play with then?

    Aimee- I agree (except I go barefoot as often as possible).

    Jamie- That show makes your life look less crazy? It makes me feel not so alone. But then again, I don't have 6 Josephs running around so I might could go with more crazy.

    Mary- Yours was the first Bosch I ever saw (I think thats what you had back then). You made a yummy braided chicken meal. I'll take the recipes anyway, though (I think Kent made the braided chicken thingy I ate at your house). And you're totally getting my next tag. Just you wait.