Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guess Who Learned to Write his Name?

There is a point in every parent's career where they learn the benefit of hiding all permanent markers. And of having a year supply of Mr. Clean erasures. Having been a mom for almost a dozen years, I can say I have gotten so good at hiding markers that I can never find them. However, I haven't perfected my technique because my children still can. All the time. At least now some of the beautiful wall art will probably be signed. And maybe one day he will always write left to right (but with his strong left hand tendency and his stubbornness, we might all start writing right to left first).
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  1. Awww... that is so exciting. I was shocked how well Magic Eraser worked the first time I used it.

  2. Wait, I'm taking notes... Hide permanent markers... get magic erasers... ok, got it. Those little letters are so precious! Way to go Joe!

  3. Ha! It is somewhat cute when a 4 year old (or younger does it) but I found Trevor's name written all over his room a couple months ago with permanent marker (which I had hidden as well) On his bedspread, pillow, toys shoelaces TONS of stuff...not so cute at that age.

  4. As we are starting to get Abe's new big boy room ready, we've contemplated putting up some of that chalkboard paint in an area on his wall. Not sure if that will help or hinder the write on wall stage all kids go through. Joseph is doing great with his letters though!

  5. I thought he just read your blog and used the backwards program. Way to go Joseph. You are getting so big and smart. Good luck Charlotte. Try a lock closet where you only know the way to open it.

  6. That is impressive that he even writes the letters backwards!

  7. I have come to the conclusion that children have the ability to spontaneously produce a magic marker out of thin air when in the absence of any other writing implements. There is nothing we can do, I'm afraid.

  8. This is a love/hate phase. I love when my kids figure out letters and start spelling words they hear. But I hate the crayon letters on my wood-paneled walls. I've given up owning permanent markers. Dry erase on the fridge or windows is kind of fun, but dry erase anywhere else really isn't. Cute collage!

  9. When I read the title I thought "cool, I can't wait until my oldest will write his name" then I saw where Joseph was doing some of the writing and now I am rethinking things.

  10. That is so cute....made even cuter by the fact that it isn't my house!

  11. Sorry about misspelling erasers. Oops!

    Robin- I totally agree, the first time I used them, I got really excited. Now I always try to keep them handy.

    Andrea- you already have experience with colored walls, she just doesn't sign them (yet).

    Davis Family- it isn't cute when they're four, either.

    Kim- I have always wanted to do that, too. Let me know what you decide.

    Mom- I don't think such a closet exists.

    Boyer family- It is impressive. All my kids would occasionally write backwards, but he is more consistent with it.

    Emma Jo- I concur. That must be the only explanation. Spontaneous materialization.

    Mary- Exactly! I love how excited he is to be writing, but PAPER, PAPER!!!

    Mom at Our House- like crawling, it isn't as exciting as it seems when they enter that phase.

    Aimee- written as a true mother!

  12. Ha! The collage is great. He can take it with him to college.

    I had to get college out of my system because I just wrote it 4 times, trying to write collage. My fingers just wouldn't betray me in spelling college wrong. They have no such allegiance to me in words like "restaurant" and "deceive" though.

    I think it takes such skill to write backwards like that. And yet these little children are doing it so effortlessly. When Bo was doing it when he learned to write, J thought something was wrong with him. I went along with it for a couple of days. That was pretty fun for me.

  13. I too have trouble with restaurant. Although for some bizarre reason I want to add an extra 'd' in college. Because I mispronounce it.

    And I obviously can't spell erasers right. What in the world is erasure (besides a band?) and why didn't spell check pick that up?