Friday, January 30, 2009

The 6th baby's vocabulary

Once upon a time, when my oldest was a sweet little baby and not a hormonal tween, I was walking with her in the foyer of our church. A stranger stopped and asked me if Elise was my first child. Perhaps he noticed that at 20 I looked 16 and was too young to have more than one. Maybe it was the fact that I was letting my months old baby "walk" by hunching over and holding her hands with my fingers. For whatever reason, when I beamingly told him, "Why yes it is!" he said, "I could tell." And his horrified wife whacked him in the shoulder as they walked away.

I was left scratching my head and wondering what that comment meant. But now I have 6 children. I know.

For instance, when Elise was a baby we listened in continuous rapture for those first words. "I think she just said Mom!" "Did hear that? That was definitely Dad" "Did she just said ball? I think she just said ball!!!"


You want to know what a 6th baby starts saying? Matthew's began talking more in phrases that slowly became intelligible. They included:

"My turn" ~ "Watch me" ~ "Look at me"
"He hurt me" ~ "Stop it" ~ "Don't" ~ "Mine"

And there is always this talking, caught on tape. Need I go on?

Apparently there is a difference between the 1st and last child. Of course his 4 year old brother's first word was "hotdog." Said in the checkout line at Sam's Club while pointing at the food court. But that is OK, because his next word was "chocolate." And after "popcorn" and "ice cream" he finally expanded out to "Mom" and "Dad."

Anyway, now that Matthew is better at talking, I am learning Matthew-ese. Here is what some things mean:

"Joseph did it" = I know what I did is wrong and I should be punished.

"He took it from me" = I want whatever my brother/sister has and am too weak to steal it myself.

"He hurt me" = I hit/kicked/punched my brother/sister trying to steal what they have and they retaliated.

"Watch out!" = I'm about to jump on you.

"Mommy, where are you?" = I think you're trying to sneak into the shower again. I will find you, strip, and give you a heart attack when I sneak into the stall behind you.

"Be fair." = Give it to me now.

This morning he had a new one. After telling his brother to share, he ran up to Joseph and said, "Mom said to!! Mom said!!" I don't think anyone would mistake Matthew for my first child. Even if they didn't hear him speak, they might notice the way he's dressed...


  1. Hahahahahaha!! Thanks for the laugh, that was great!

  2. You're pretty good at decoding your children's language. My kids must speak a similar language.

  3. I'm laughing out loud. It's too funny. And I'm starting to see the truth of it with my second.

  4. Too funny. Although, if I remember right and certain 3 year old girl had a pretty entertaining vocabulary herself ("You're at the bottom of the food chain" or "These brownies will go straight to my glutius maximus" We are throughly enjoying the "I think he just said" stage with Abe though!

  5. lol! You know us youngest are the best! Matthew is such a sweetheart!

  6. That is absolutely hilarious! The Where are you? is my favorite.

  7. So true! I remember Elise coming up with "I have a bum-a-saurus!" I hide in the shower all the time, usually I start a movie for the kids then RUN to get as much time by myself as possible before I have guests in the bathroom!

  8. So true, So true!

    I have learned to put up a child gate when I shower. The youngest can't get past it, and the oldest knows he will get in trouble if he does. The funny/sad thing is, they are always sitting up right next to it the whole time I am in the shower.

  9. I don't even know what to's just all so funny and true...and so funny.

  10. Hilarious! I was talking to Sis. Irvin about that trip to the cannery & I was amazed at how he just sat there in his carseat & put himself to sleep. I wanted to know the secret. I had NEVER experienced that before. (I am pleased to announce that my second child did that today). Maybe those kinds of things just don't work with the first. This post is so true though. You just keep me laughing-I'm always excited at a new post.

  11. Matthew has such a cute personality. Although he might be learning some of his quick quotes from being around Joseph the King of quickness. They are all so cute.

  12. I can see peter saying that to a young couple and you smacking his. The circle of life eh?

  13. hehehe, I was just talking about that the other day.

    My youngest just turned 2 and he had no clue it was his birthday, contrast that to my oldest, she talked about her 2nd birthday and was so excited, she even told us what she wanted.....poor youngest child.

  14. My friend's accounting of her kids learning to ride a bike.
    #1 - her with the camera, hubby with the video camera.
    #2 - her with a camera
    #3 - him announcing "hey mom, I can ride a bike".

    I do love the shoes in this picture. And how lovely to be referred back to a previous post where Matthew still has his luscious locks.

  15. Andrea- just wait, Elise was a lot like Addie. Your turn will come Bwaw-ha-ha-ha

    Word Girl- I think all kids (especially after the 1st two) speak that language. Having at least one child in the terrible twos for a decade now, I've learned a lot.

    Vee- It just deteriorates from there.

    Kim- Don't forget when she told Mom not to patronize her- she was 4 at the time.

    Boyer family- Peter always had a soft spot for the youngest too. I think you are all spoiled!! ;)

    UC Mama- I agree, that one is cute (when it isn't your child)

    Davis Family- I have become an expert at running up the stairs without making any noise to tip them off that I'm headed to the shower.

    Mom at Our House= that is what happens whenever I lock any doors in the house. They congregate just outside the door.

    Emma Jo- I can just imagine how Mia started talking. She is so funny as a 3 year old.

    Heather- that was just luck of the draw. Most of my kids would have never done it.

    Mom- He learns WAY too much from his dear older brother.

    Gordon- he might point it out to me, but he would never say it to their face!! Although I have perfected the husband arm whack.

    Aimee- Exactly. Funny how different it is for those youngest.

    Twinlinebackers- by the time it gets to 6, it is like- you've already been riding for 2 years? Maybe we should get you a better bike without a flat tire.