Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The (Card) Game of War

Sometimes, during brilliant bursts of (in)sanity, I come up with great ideas. So it was last night, when Kirsti and Joseph both kept pestering me to play war. Knowing that Joseph is at an age where he thinks playing games means he should always win and Kirsti is at the tender age of unmerciful taunting, I gently suggested they play each other instead of me. And it would have worked perfectly, if Kirsti had lost.

But the luck of the cards were with my 6 year old and the game of war quickly transformed into an all out war. As I jumped in to begin peace talks and negotiate a truce, they decided to escalate from screaming to an all out assault. So I decided it was time for them to learn to get along, by doing a mission together. Their mission? Put the skates (all 6 pairs) away in the correct closet.

But, there was a catch; they needed to learn to get along together. So I totally tied their hands together. They thought it was great fun (at least for the 1st trip up the stairs).

And the plan worked. Well, at least it saved me a few runs up the stairs myself. After being released from bonds, Kirsti wanted to finish the game. I thought it would be good for Joseph to learn that sometimes he will lose a game, so I allowed it to continue (another brilliant idea). Joseph came in a few minutes later crying.

"Kirsti won't let us trade hands!!"
"Why would she trade hands, she's winning?"
"It's in the rules- if you get tied together and then untied, you have to switch hands."

Well, at least he is learning the art of negotiation.

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  1. Joseph will be a great leader when he grows up. At least he will be a great rule maker. What a quick thinking mind he has. He is always thinking ahead of where he is. He is such a joy to be around. Wish we lived closer.

  2. Smart child....all is fair with skates and war!

  3. This. Is. HILARIOUS!

    When the girls get older, I'm totally doing this. I think right now they'd end up strangling each other as they're not so very coordinated.

  4. That is SO great. I am going to do that next time. Love the trading hands part!

  5. I love the idea of tying them together. I just may have to do that with Zane and Harrison. They have been quite feisty with each other lately.

  6. What a smart kid. I love it. What a character. I like your creative idea though. I might have to steal it someday.

  7. You are a very clever mom in so many ways, just in this post alone. Tying children's hands together is brilliant.
    But, I'm afraid, Joseph has you beat. "It's in the rules". You are in truh.bull.

  8. Your kids are so smart. It's a good thing you are smarter! Too bad for Joseph that you've had lots of practice outsmarting Later kids. ;o)

  9. How fun! I love the things Joseph comes up with to help him win!

  10. Mom- a tyrannical leader, you mean. With erratic rules.

    Kim- if all is fair, why did I hear "you're not being fair!" 400 times that night?

    Kimberly- Um, I might should have considered that when I tied them together. At least neither of them are my clumsy ones!

    davis family- it worked well. I can totally see your kids doing great with it.

    Jamie- my FIL used to tie his older boys hand together and put a boxing glove on the other hand. That is what gave me the (less violent) idea.

    Vee- your kids are too sweet to ever need punished, right?

    Nobody- Your daughter and my son should never meet. The world couldn't take the consequences.

    Mary- you know my kids well. You always have to stay one step ahead!

    Boyer family- you youngest children always stick together. (I know he isn't my youngest, but close enough!