Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ethan's Baptism

Top to bottom, left to right:

My sister and her family; moments after the baptism; Dad and Ethan;

Elise did great conducting; Ethan; Matthew getting desperate for his turn;

watching the font fill; did I mention Matthew was a little obsessed?; Ethan; Ethan again;

my mom with my nephew; My parents; Dad and Ethan in white; and Peter's parents

We are so proud of our Ethan. It seems like yesterday he was on his way home in a stocking, and now he all baptised and a member of the Church! Eight years and his smile still takes my breath away. He is very much like his father, both in looks and personality (which might explain my reaction to his smile).

Since his birthday is so close to Christmas, we hatched an evil plan; family would want to be there, and if they were coming out the weekend after Christmas, why not just come for Christmas itself? We knew this would limit the friends who could be there, but it did allow both grandparents and his Aunt Tami and Uncle Jared to be there.

Ethan and his Dad did wonderfully! We ordered him a tie from our Church distribution center and the night before I made up some easy white pants. Grandpas were witnesses and Grandmas gave the talks. Uncle Jared played the piano, Elise conducted, and Aunt Tami and I gave the prayers. Thanks to those who were able to make it, I really appreciated it (even if I forgot to get any of your pictures!)

Matthew was fascinated with the large "bath" and thought he could get in (if only we would help him undress). He was not happy when we drained it before he had his chance!

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  1. congratulations! What a wonderful occasion, and how fortunate you are to have had so much family there!

  2. Congrat Ethan. Also congrat to you Charolotte. He must have great parents to make the wonderful choice to be baptized.

  3. It looks like it was a great day. That is so amazing to see a child's testimony grow and to see them decide to be baptized. Way to go Ethan! We are proud of you.

  4. Congrats to Ethan! We wish we could have been there. He sure is a handsome little ....angel! :)

  5. Looking at that picture on the top row, I thought the kids were teetering on the edge of the font! Then I realized it has plexiglass. (Ours doesn't, so it took a minute.)

    I can't believe Ethan is so big! Mostly because my memories of him limit him to age one and younger.

    That's so great that so much of your family could for the baptism, too.

  6. Yeah, congratulations! I love your collages!