Saturday, January 10, 2009

December visitors

MIL reading with Kirsti * MIL kissing Matthew * Kirsti with her cousin (they sure had fun together, Kirsti is such a little mother)

Matthew enjoyed spending time with his same age cousin. * Peter's parents helping Joseph with his puzzle * Uncle Gordon on the beach with Joe (everyone else was wearing coats, he is just nuts!)

Me, my mom and my sister practicing our eye crossing * my dad is known for his great story telling (here he is entertaining Kirsti)

Jessica and Matthew on the beach (I told you we all wore coats) * my mom with my niece.

December was wonderfully filled with visits from family! My brother, Gordon, and his wife, Jessica, flew out to visit in the middle of the month. We had a lot of fun with them and were glad they were able to take some days during their vacation to share with us. Besides spending more time on the beach than is decent in the middle of winter (including going on the sandbar during low tide), the highlight of their visit was our day in New York City.

Two days after they left we (and by we, I mean Peter) picked up his parents. We decided to save the $150 per ticket and fly all our parents into New York. What we didn't realize was that meant 5 5 hour round trips instead of 5 1.5 hour trips (we won't make that mistake again!).

Anyway, they came just in time to save the day. Since Peter had been out of town or working every day (except the New York trip day with my brother) of December, I was a little unprepared for Christmas. They watched the kids while I took several trips out to finish up shopping. Plus the extra help around the house ( including fixing the heat AND the 4 month broken toilet). Plus all the yummy food. Plus finishing the scarfs I had barely begun for my girls. Plus the great company. Thanks guys!!

Five days of Christmas preparation later, my parents finally arrived. Late the same night my sister's family arrived. Then there was the hustle of Christmas Eve, Christmas, the baptism, sister's birthday, seafood restaurants, confirmations, etc. My in-laws left the Monday after Christmas. My parents and sister stayed and partied longer. My sister left the 2nd, my dad finally had to go back to work the weekend after New Years, but my Mom was able to stay until last Wednesday.

It was so nice to have them all stay longer. I loved watching Matthew play with his cousin. She started vocalizing more (still getting used to hearing with her implant) and his language exploded while they played together. Plus my sister and her husband help keep her boring older sister and husband young (if I get brave I will post the pictorial proof). My dad entertained the kids with stories and my mom and I tackled my disorganized craft room. I tried to get them all to just come and live at my house, but no takers. Yet. But I'll keep working on them.
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  1. Hey, we will take you up on the offer! Sounds like the perfect solution to our housing debacle. See ya May 1st.

    What a great (busy) month you've had!

  2. Awesome!! I will see you then. How are you at doing exorbitant amounts of laundry and dishes?

  3. Looks like a really good time. And I've lived with you before, so I can attest, she isn't kidding about the dishes or the laundry!!!!

  4. I would take you up on the offer but the job is here and I don't think I would make it long without my wonderful husband. You will just have to move closer to use because Peter could have a job anywhere he wanted too (except the two states that won't let him and we don't live in those two states). We enjoyed out trip and loved seeing all the kids and being with you and Peter and Tami and Jared.

  5. When Charlotte says we kept her young she means I fought her every night to stay up past 10:30 and play games with us. It happened twice while we were there. They were both fun times. I'll never forget how it felt getting my butt kicked for the first time in Settlers. We miss you guys already. Maddie say a pic of her and Kirsti and got so excited